Strobolobodobolos festival 2017

Strobolobodobolos festival 2017
MAY 19-21 2017 / Zokovica forest (Đakovo)

MERKABA SKYENCE LAB stage powered by Saso Mange SoundSystem

infimensions [transpectar] generative visuals / mapping

DOHM [Forest Freaks, Banyan Records], GOYA [Horsepower Productions], MAGO [Antu Records], UNITONE [Vertigo Records, Z-Plane Records], PETRALALA [Maia Brasil Records, Hypnotica Records], VAL VASHAR [Zenon Records, MinistarstvoPsihodelije], HOTEP [Digital Yonkis, OddVod], 3TT [Regeneration], FIDEL [Psyebancia], HUZ DET [Overa Crew], STEVO [Suntrip Rec, Timewarp Rec, Neogoa Rec], DAMZAH [Forestdelic Records], PSY MUSTAFA [Saso Mange, Cupus Kactus], INNER [OddVod], WINPA [Insectik Records], TRANCEPORTED MAN [Regeneration], KIRA [Wasteland Radio], MIND MANIFEST [Regeneration], DARKO [Z-Plane Records, Connected Network], PILA [Forestdelic Records]

Here’s a quick edit of our mapping project for last year’s edition of Strobolobodobolos festival. This year infimensions is coming back with a new real time/generative concept.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: ‘Please receive my deepest apologies for the absence of light at the main stage what was my professional responsibility in form of projection mapping that I’ve been passionately preparing for months. Due to issues presumably related to the instability of power supply produced by the generator what caused the projector to automatically turn off for safety reasons, unfortunately technical situation didn’t allow me to share my new generative visuals with you. With all the efforts we couldn’t fully demystify what is the actual root of the problem, but one thing is clear – back in the studio the projector works flawlessly. This never happened before and I want to be transparent about it. Thank you for support and understanding. May the light be with us next year at the beautiful Zokovica forest and elsewhere in the meantime.’ —Danijel Šivinjski (infimensions)

Published on May 10, 2017