Portal 7525

Portal 7525
JUNE 24 2017 / Bastion (Novi Sad)
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Just a few friends bringing a Psychedelic story to life at a killer location… Simply for the love of the music and to spread and share happy vibes, positivity and our vision of the beauty of psy trance culture… to bring people together and help them to transcend the world around them.

Shakta live [Suntrip Records, Dragonfly Records], M-run [Spacedock Records], Astral Sense live [Powerhouse Records, Sting Records], Dalton Trance Teleport [TranceAlpine, Green Spirit], Psybientum live [Bass Star Records], Arcane Voice [Goa Madness Records], Nature live [Ovnimoon Records], DJ Maata

infimensions [transpectar] generative visuals / mapping; presenting Living Visuals

Powered by Saso Mange Soundsystem
Fluo deco: Lunar Deco
Chill area and stage deco: artSCAPE NS

Published on May 25, 2017